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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Biological Sciences
Stephen Reid

Blood Pressure Regulation Extrinsic Mechanisms Short Term BPRegulation (seconds to minutes) Long Term BPRegulation (minutes to days) The Baroreflex Baroreceptor: blood pressure ;! receptor (stretch) Baroreceptors ;!,7,825,9K09L. $25,9K09L. (vagal) activity activity +# $ %!# n MAP Flow to the heart and brain is maintained; reductions in flow to other organs. Short term accommodation of blood pressure is accomplished by the baroreflex. The converse is also true for this graph if the MAP goes up. The Baroreflex carotid Arterial Baroreceptors body internal carotid carotid external Carotid sinus: Sense pressure sinus carotid of the blood flowing to the brain common carotid Aortic Arch aortic arch Aortic arch: Sense pressure changes that can effect blood flow to the whole body. We have 2 sets of baroreceptors: one in the aortic arch, just as it leaves the left ventricle and makes the curve towards the body, and the other in the carotid sinus J the little sinusbulging of the common carotid, just downstream from the carotid body J primary site of oxygen receptors.
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