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Lecture 16

LECTURE 16 Notes. Happy studying

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Biological Sciences
Stephen Reid

Lecture 16 The Renal System and Kidney Function Hydrostatic Pressure Gradient Diagram of a general capillary bed Several pressure involved in forcing fluid across capillary wall from inside to the ECF and forces that work in reverse that draw fluid from ECF into capillary bed First pressure is the hydrostatic pressure (blood pressure in blood vessels) and the other is the oncotic pressure Capillary attached to artery and vein Two hydrostatic pressure important in regulating the direction of fluid movement: o CAP (within the capillary) o ISF (pressure within the interstitial fluid) ISF: small hydrostatic pressure of ~1 mmHg o Occurs in the ECF in general (doesnt matter where in the circulatory system). This pressure occurs relatively constantly everywhere Pressure in blood vessel will change as we go from artery to venous side: Because capillary bed resist flow, pressure will drop from arterial side of capillary bed to the venous side Arterial to capillary bed: 38 mmHg in arterioles in the beginning of capillary as the bed is beginning to form From inside to outside of capillary, theres a pressure difference of ~37 mmHg across the capillary wall on the arterial side of capillary bed As we go across capillary bed and end up in the venous side, theres a pressure drop such that the hydrostatic pressure at end of capillary bed is only 16 mmHg Venous side, hydrostatic pressure differential of 15 mmHg We have a larger pressure gradient in terms of hydrostatic pressure gradient on the arterial side Hydrostatic pressure is first important pressure that will cause fluid movement
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