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Lecture 4

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Biological Sciences
Marc Cadotte

Lecture 4 190112 y Primary producers only give about 1 of their energy to others y Theres less and less energy as you go up the chain 1000010010 y Photosynthesis organisms convert solar energy into chemical energy they take up CO2 and synthesize compounds Primary production y Measure the amount of carbon in order to measure the energy in organismso GPP it depends on climate and LAI what area of ground is covered by leaves The space between the lines is getting smaller and smaller as more leave layers the amount of carbon dioxide is increasingo NPP GPPrespiration amount of biomass gained by plant whatever energy is not used by the plants gets turned into biomass Higher temperature large NPP and much lower in deserts Its hard to detect for belowground lifecycle is short and hard to measure so people use tubes with a camera into the soil and get a sense of how many roots are there and the amount of biomassy Measuring just take a tape and measure them but if it is large place you measure chlorophyll concentrations
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