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Lecture 5

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Biological Sciences
Marc Cadotte

Lecture 5 Secondary production energy that comes from consuming things that were produced by other organisms y Heterotrophs feed on other things output is something that produces energy rich molecule y Exploitation one organism exploiting another to get energy exploited organism is directly harmed and diesy READ pg 424425 y Herbivore vs Predators herbivores are specialists they focus on plants and predators are generalists eat variety of things herbivores dont kill the things theyre eating while predators doy Herbivores can also be characterized based on the part of the plant they eaty Leaves have a lot of nitrogen compared to step and sap organisms have a lot of nitrogen and we tend to eat things that contain a lot of nutrients that were made ofy Herbivore generalist can eat almost any part of the tree READ STUDY IN BOOK golden apple y Humans moved organisms around the world consequences are that we are introducing organisms are
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