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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Marc Cadotte

BIOB50 LECTURE 22: Lottery Competition and Neutral Theory  Competitive exclusion principle: 2 species that use a limiting resource in the same way cannot coexist remember Joseph Grinnell first used the term niche in 1917 as “no two species of birds/mammals will be found to occupy precisely the same niche”  You have a regional species pool then via Dispersal/immigration, abiotic factors, and species interactions you get a local community Lottery Model  Lottery model: emphasizes the role of chance, it assumes that resources are captured @ random by recruits from a larger pool of potential colonists  In this model, species must have similar interaction strengths and pop growth rates, and the ability to disperse quickly to disturbances that free up resources= all species have equal chances of obtaining resources, which allows coexistence  Species can win competition by producing more offspring  When an individual dies, they are replaced according to who arrives first number and timing of propagules is important  there can be different types of competition in which fitness differences are important  This mechanism might be particularly relevant in very diverse communities where so many species overlap in their reso
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