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Lecture 20

BGYB51H3 Lecture 20 Notes Nov 17

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Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

BGYB51H3 Lecture 20 Notes -sexual dimorphism is where males and females in a species have different features and behaviour -males are more affectionate in that they seek out more mates to copulate -sexual dichromatism is differences in colour -structural dimorphism is differences in structure -sexual size dimorphism is differences in behaviours -many traits that are dimorphic reduce survival -selection for survival unlikely explains differences between sexes -differences in selective pressures are due to females investing more in offspring than males -parental investment is anything that increases the chances of survival of current offspring while decreasing the ability to produce future offspring -females are defined as producing large and relatively few eggs while males have inexpensive sperm -usually maternal care is more than paternal care -in any given species, sperm are present in excess compared to eggs -male reproductive output is limited by access to eggs -female reproductive output is limited by access to resources -males can increase fitness by increasing mating fitness -males have higher maximum reproductive output than females -increasing the amount of mates a female acquires has little effect on reproduc
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