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Biological Sciences
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Maydianne Andrade

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Readings 1 Pgs 73-96 -evidence amassed by Darwin and the early evolutionists indicated that both fossilized and living organisms were derived with modification from a single common ancestor -to refine a particular breed of an organism, breeders employ artificial selection in which individuals are selected with the most desirable traits -if desirable traits are passed from parents to offspring, then the next generation will have a higher proportion of the desirable trait than in the last generation -even though several vegetables are strikingly different in architecture, they all can readily interbreed due to deriving from wild cabbage -farmers artificially select in order to yield large crops -]L[ZZ}}}o]}LZ}oZZZ L]ZK}]] tion is the logical outcome of four postulates -the first postulate is that individuals within populations are variable -the second postulate is that the variations among individuals are passed from parents to offspring -the third postulate is that in every generation, some individuals are more successful at surviving and reproducing than others -the fourth postulate is that the survival and reproduction of individuals is not random but tied to variation -differential success means that certain traits will be passed on more frequently than others causing the characteristics of the population to change slightly (Darwinian evolution)
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