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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

Readings 9 -AIDS causes more deaths than TB, malaria, car accidents, homicides and wars -the AIDS epidemic has wrought its greatest devastation in sub-Saharan Africa -in industrialized countries of North America and Western Europe, overall infections are much lower than sub-Saharan Africa -HIV establishes a new infection when a bodily fluid holding the virus, usually blood or semen, carries it from an infected person onto a mucus membrane or bloodstream of an uninfected person -programs to curb the spread of HIV have seen success in promoting reducing risky sexual practices and condom use -the increasingly widespread abuse of methamphetamine is associated with risky behaviour and a greater chance of contracting HIV -HIV is an intracellular parasite that cannot reproduce on its own -HIV invade specific types of cells and uses the enzymatic machinery to make copies of itself, killing the host cell in the process -during the extracellular phase, the virus moves from host to host -during the intracellular phase, the virus replicates -HIV attaches to two proteins on the cell called CD4 and a coreceptor and fuses with the host cell membrane to spill its contents -Z]Z[Z]o}]2L}KLZ}]LZLZ oo -reverse transcriptase transcribes RNA into DNA, integrase splices the DNA genome into the host cell genome and protease prepares viral proteins -new virions, after replication, bud off the cell membrane and enter the bloodstream to infect the host even more or another host -drugs that interrupt Z]Z[o]
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