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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

Readings 11 Pg208-210 -eugenic sterilization is sought to reduce the fitness of particular genotypes to zero and thereby to reduce the frequency of the allele responsibly for undersirable phenotypes -feeblemindedness is defined as one who is capable of earning hisher living under favourable circumstances but is incapable of competing on equal terms with hisher normal fellows or of managing himherself and their affairs with ordinary prudence -normalmindedness was believed to be the dominant trait and feeblemindedness was believed to be recessive -rare recessive alleles decline in frequency slowly even under strong selection -most copies of the allele for feeblemindedness are present in heterozygous carriers rather than affected individuals -although feeblemindedness is not among them, many genetic diseases are now known to be inherited as simple Mendelian traits -eugenic sterilization has few advocates because most genetic diseases are recessive an rare -sterilization of affected individuals would have little impact on the frequency at which new affected individuals are born Pg350-355 -any estimate of heritability is specific to a particular population living in a particular environment -heritability tells us nothing about the causes of differences between populations that live in different environments -the fact that heritability is high in each populatio
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