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Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

Readings 12 Pg338-350 (refer to Galen example on pg342-343) -Zl]L}]L Z]LZ ZZ7]L[ZZ}7ZZK] ]L Z -to measure strength of selection, one must first note who survives and reproduces and who fails to do so, then the difference is quantified -the first measure of selection is called the selection differential (S) -the second measure of selection is called the selection gradient, which is calculated by: N Assign absolute fitness to individuals in the population (survival to reproductive age) N }LZ}o]LZZ}o]]LZZ o o]L2Z]L]]oZ[o] fitness by dividing absolute fitness from mean fitness N Make a scatterplot and the slope of the line of best fit is the selection gradient -the selection gradient is equal to the selection differential divided by the variance in tail length -selection gradient can be calculated for any measure of fitness and not just survival )^l]L where is the selection gradient and S is the selection differential -evolutionary response to selection can be calculated from the heritability and selection differential 2 2 R = h S where R is the predicted response to selection,
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