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Biological Sciences
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Maydianne Andrade

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Lecture 7 Polyandry: where one female males with many males. In this system males are generally socially monogamous Polyandry: occurs when female LRS is strongly limited by the # of clutches she can successfully rear in a season. And this limitation is for extrinsic reasons : not just about how much food she can acquire to get large number of eggs, but instead, after the females produce the eggs, she is at a risk of unpredicatable loss of all those offsprings. o This happens due to unpredicted clutch failure This occurs due to high predation rates High rates of sperm inviability Highly variable food availability If there is high rates of clutch failure, females can increase the # of eggs in one clutch o Under these circumstances there is high rates of clutch failure Another method is to increase the # of clutches o Problem: females can only care for one clutch, so this doesnt work o So the females much seek multiple partners to care for all those clutches After producing eggs, females abandon the broods leaving the males to care for them and the males will take care of the broods (this is polyandry). This way the female is free to capitalize on EPP There are different types of polyandry depending on the differential ecology and biology of the males Male defence: Phlalaropes : they show sex role reversals. o Females are the brightly coloured sex o They fight over males, and they produce 4 clutches, each protected by a different male www.notesolution.com
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