Lecture 8

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Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

Lecture 8 Protection should also increase with increased mobbing: o Example: a researcher took a colony of black-headed gull, and took a bunch of chicken eggs and layed it from the outside of the colony to deep in the colony, where its the densest o The zones where they layed down the eggs : A-E : by the time you get inside of the colony, almost a 100% of the time that the crow approaches, it will get attacked by at least 10 individuals. Thats quite a big attack. And the percent of succesfull predation by the crow decreases as it goes deep into the colony, and this is the affect of mobbing and protecting offspring. Information center effect o If you are in a big colony living with a group of other individuals and its very hard to find food, you can use the information from what other individuals are doing in the group to help you find food. o This is more important for species where food is mobile and hard to find Ospreys : they skim the surface of water to find fish The fish comes from a school of fish, which is moving. If you find a school of fish you do really well, and if you dont find a school of fish you wont be eating that day potentially. They have babies in rookeries, or large dense aggregations high above the water ( in rotten trees) IC hypothesis predicts that individuals who are able to observe their neighbours catching food should be more successful in eating. Graph shows (observational study) : the # of individuals that caught a fish that observed their neighbour returning with a fish. Increased capacity to deal with physical challenges in the environment : o Some species that go through a period of turper that slows down their metabolism can do better when they are in a cluster o Penguins cluster themselves in the Antarctic when it is very cold o This allows them to maintain their body heat at a higher level than they would be able to do alone. www.notesolution.com
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