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Lecture 1

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Biological Sciences
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Rudy Boonstra

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LECTURE 1 September 11, 2007 Course Description Focus on evidence for climate change and the consequences for us. It will be based on the past so we will look at historical evidence on what the earth has done since life began. Many of you want to be medical doctors or engineers but this phenomenon will affect you. We have a real problem and it will come with a vengeance. It will be evidence based and the field is evolving so we dont know the answers. This is the first time this course has been taught but I have taught similar courses. The field is moving quickly in terms of the evidence. Professors Background When I was a child my parents talked in their own language and I listened to them and now I am 49. They used to talk about the war and for me it never happened because I was born 4 years later. Your perception is the world that you have grown up in but that is not the world, it is much larger. My parents immigrated because they didnt want to see another war with Russia. You all have a different heritage but we all come from the human heritage. I just came back from the Yukon, trying to find out how the world works. I went between ecology and physiology and they stayed with ecology. I am interested in how organisms live and the changes they go through. You guys may think about sex but at my age my testosterone has dropped so that doesnt interest me as much. The point is that is the point and phase in your life you are at and I am interested in how we age and die. My wife operates on a cute principle, baby red squirrels are cute. 100% are born and 95% are dead by fall and that is the way it is. I am interested in the rate of aging and what changes in cells. I am an ecologist and have worked in Australia, the North, and here. Handouts One handout gives course details and I will give details about my expectations. The second handout will tell you about what the course covers. Introduction and Details Room: #214 in H wing Office hours: At the end of this lecture for 1 hour and on Wednesdays for 1 hour TA: Brendan Delehanty in S426 Prerequisites ecology and evolution. If you havent taken these sections you have to come and see me. I expect a background and that is a fundamental background in ecology and evolution. You have to understand this to take this course. BGYC58H3F.September ,11, 2007 LECTURE 1 1
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