basic tenets of DNA

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Biological Sciences
Clare Hasenkampf

QUESTIONS ARE HIGHLIGHTED IN GREEN COLOR THOSE DIRECTED TO INSTRUCTOR ARE RED OR ANY OTHER COLORDNA mustStableReplicateable and transmittableChangeablemutateableDirect cellular organizational Deoxyribose lacks hydroxide on carbon2 Single stranded DNA is strong because it is strengthened by covalent bonds phosphodiester bond linkage Guanine double ringedOptimizing hydrogen bonding and bond distance g c3H at 2H REFERRED TO AS NUCLEIC ACID COMPLEMENTARITY defining the hallmark of DNA Even though DNA is a 3 dimensional molecule its information is in discrete form thus digitalQ Why are chromosomes considered organellesBased on complementarities replication of DNA could be explained through semiconservative replication DNA sequence is a code for amino acids using a triplet code This leads us to the Central DogmaDNA serves a template to make RNA which is the actual code for protein synthesis A
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