Lecture 3

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Biological Sciences
Herbert Kronzucker

Lecture 3 September 22 2008 How do you study for this course to do well? I am not giving summaries to you like in previous rd lectures. This is a 3 year course so you dont get that benefit. I used to do this so you could refine your notetaking skills. There are many examplesnumberstechnical terms and pieces of information in general and nobody can write all those down. How do you distinguish what you should remember? If I mention something only once chances are you will never be asked about it. Important points come up repeatedly in a lecture for me to expect you to know them actively. If you dont hear something twice or more then you dont have to know them actively. There are short essay questions in which you can put your answer together in different ways. You can have 2 answers depending on the relevant information you include in your answer. It must be relevant and correct to get marks. Usually the marks come in pairs. The important pieces of information will be repeated again and again. We will build pieces of information and you will have an easier time to answer on the exam. There are a few active questions where I may ask for a specific number or technical term. Many members consider themselves tough in the hip-hop community (Puff Daddy Picture). This guy wouldnt do well in any of the previous environments that we talked about. This mud puddle has a pH of 1.9! You heard about a guy who got stuck in a crevice and he had to cut off his own arm to escape? Most animalsplantsmicrobes and other members of the biological kingdom would have a problem surviving in these places (on overhead). There are some bacteria and algae that survive in this lake (refer to last week). There are some water vapours that you can put in outer space and they will survive for an amount of time. Toughness of life is astonishing and humans have nothing up against some of these organisms. Buried Alive by Edgar Allen Poe he wrote many things about being buried alive. I told you about bacteria that can live in solid rock 3 Kms in. They might be dividing 1 time in 100 years and their metabolism would be very low but they wont die. We must be very careful that when we travel to a place like Mars that we dont have organisms on the equipment. They could be buried and once the rubber rots away and decays in the atmosphere of Mars they might come crawling out and start a new history of life on the planet. Summary Hillary Clint said it takes a village to raise a child and I would like to use this for community ecology. We have the gage claims about life on Mars etc. In ecology it means it takes a community of organisms with adaptations to raise children with extreme adaptations. To produce life forms that can survive the boiling temperatures of the geysers in Yellowstone Park. BGYC61H3F.September.22.2008 Lecture 3 1 www.notesolution.com
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