Lecture 7

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Biological Sciences
Herbert Kronzucker

BGYC61H3 Lecture 7 October 27 2008 Any feedback for tutorials? No. Final Exam I will give more tips to prepare for the final and what to expect. The full length lectures here are testable on the exam including the presentations in this class. Will you need to know the fish species in the coral reefs? Of course not. What was the concept of the presentation? S: Biodiversity. P: There hasnt been a lot of group conversationdiscussion this semester which is different. Usually there are many discussions. The population of students is different as well. From now on for the 2 of the semester I want to see a little more discussion of issues that come up. There are many that should be close to your heart as they will affect your future. It should start with the biodiversity topic. I will cover how it is measured and the key indexes. I will give definitions of various types of biodiversity (alpha, beta, and gamma). There are 3 types: species, genetic, and community diversity (ecosystem). There is also alpha, beta, and gamma diversity which we will talk about later. Biodiversity isnt straight forward. We have to see how to gage each ecosystem and within an ecosystem where there is a fixed number of species. There is genetic diversity also within each species. What else is a bigger issue? S: Hotspots for biodiversity. P: They kind of define themselves. There are classification systems for hot spots for biodiversity. What must an eco system fulfill to be classified as a hot spot? You will see the name Meyers a lot and he came up with various criteria that we use today i.e. and the most important is the number of species in a system. We will cover the scale. One thing that isnt considered here is that genetic diversity which is one of the types. How much genetic ability is there in a given specie? That is the unknown. Example: you go out to B.C. and study the specie in the forest and you may think it is very diverse. There are papers that suggest that various pockets in the rainforest even though there are similar numbers of species they are different in the intra-species variations. There is Citra Spruce that is out there but some have a mutation that gives them a golden appearance. They look like they have fall colour but they are a conifer. They are sacred to Native people there but they are the same species. The Golden Spruce may be better prepared to changes and that must be factored into biodiversity discussions. So it isnt about just counting species and the difference in the ecosystems. BGYC61H3F.October.27.2008 Lecture 7 1 www.notesolution.com
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