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Biological Sciences
Zachariah Campbell

Zoo history: humans have long been fascinated by animals 10-27 000 years ago, these cave arts located in western Europe, show the relationship between humans and animals these representations of animals where what these people were seeing on a day to day basis, we know this based on research the spotted horses, were thought to be a fantasy, however looking at the gene locus that controls spotting as a color, actually pre-dates these paintings, the caves capture and establish a relationship with the animals it has been hypothesized that one of the features of our evolution that has made us stand out compared to other higher apes is that we have an affinity for other animals this was thought to be an advantage as we could have multistic symbiosis, domestication of dogs and horses, and reduce the fear associated with other animals interactions –human affiliation with animals (hypothesis) you have a release of oxytosin, is the love chemical, released emotionally when you are in love with someone, this neurological pathway is thought to give us a relationship with animals and the idea that we want to be with them Ownership and Domestication  The desire to have animals that provided the fascination in close proximity  Time of ancient Egypt, the establishment of animals in the household  Collection of animals  Pictures show connectivity with the animals also showed that humans stood higher on the scale and controlled the animals, could have them in our domain under human control Empire and Dominion  During the roman time  How far the empire stretched could show how strong an empire was in relation to land, the people and the beasts of the land, coliseum, gladiators fighting with these animals  This also created a struggle with them  Showed that an empire was strong and vast if they had lots of beasts from far away Empire and Education  The beasts and individuals that lived in the empire showed the notions of education  There was exposure for peoples of these animals, this was done to demonstrate the might of god, by showing the incredible variety of god as depicted in genesis  Reinforced strength between church and state-right until the time of Darwin  Plants and animals  Shows where the empires had extended, educate people, the power of god Empire and Entertainment  Germany and England  Animals were on display in great restrictions of captivity  Part of the education process was not only to get them to go and visit the animals but also to depcict them artistically, Research and understanding  Artistic abilities would show distinct features which would characterize these animals, making it more research orientated and greater study towards zoology  The fathers of zoology also known as the founder of the modern zoo, Frederic Cuvier and Georges Cuvier, invented the discipline of zoology, study of the their relationship with each other, their anatomy, physiology  Also worked with Etienne Geoffrey saint-hilaire-close relationship to Lamarck  Charles Darwin was going to the zoo and looked at the relationship between species  Cuvier F., wanted to understand the features of animals, where they came from and their relationship to
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