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BGYC63 Sept20

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Biological Sciences
Ivana Stehlik

Sept20 BIOC63 Lec 2 Value of BiodiversityGreek they had a natural product used as a form of birthcontrol plant called Silphiumexchange of goods from where they grew thisthe value of it went up so much that it was engraved on coins etc eventually it went extinctthe heart of love comes from the shape of the seed of the silphiumfirst plant to be driven to extinction by the use of peoplehow dependant we were on it A Intrinsic Valuehard to defendindependent of any value to anyone or anythingthere is no trade in use of this given organismthey are just there for thier own sakeReligious biophiliareligions liek biodiversityif God created them the creatures must have an intrinsic valueJudeoChristian world viewcreation is good so we shouldnt be distroying itNorth American biophilsnature has uses otehr than human gain nature has more value than just what it can give usso away from religion but intrinsic valueIslamis world viewjust distribution of natural resources across generations sustainable way through generationsHindu world viewBuddhist world viewall organisms are on thier path to enlightment so the largest religions the care for life is ingraved and should be followedinstinsic value for conservation connects to religion operationallu often based on religionbut it often doesnt work to conserve based just on reigion and thats why govenment steps in B Extrinsic Valueis very subjective depends on which side you approachone place or thing may have different value depending on different peopleextrinsic value also depends on the circumstances Directuse Valuewe are adding the value to biodiversityfood building materials fuel paper products fiber industrial products medicinehow much of nature growing do we actually useNPP how much plants grow within one year in the landscape and how much we use depending on areas we use 80100 of what is made like India
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