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BGYC63 Sept27

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Biological Sciences
Ivana Stehlik

Sept27 BIOC63 Herbivory Lab data will be uploadeddownload itdo stats yourself instruction in lab mannual or Lanna will help in 2nd lab slot LG2 in room TBA on black board therefore BOTH LAB GROUPS will submit at the same DEADLINE LG2 Threats to Biodiversity Terrestrial Ecosystems vs Aquatic Ecosystemstrying to see what threats to biodiversity is the most important in these two environmentsfor terrestrial land use changeso habitat destruction then climate change biotic exchange is when there are alien species introducedfor aquatic ecosystems before the main threat was fishingbut now climate change Terrestrial Ecosystems 5 Biome specific threats to Biodiversitylook at chartLand use Climate Nitrogen deposition Biotic Exchange Atmosphere CO2 these 5 drivers happen on a different level and importance across different ecosystemsLand use has the most vulnerability because withiout the land there is no way to live 1 Overexploitation Definitions Sustainable exploitation using plants or animals so that they dont run out exploitation rate replenishment rate the natural ecosystem must be able to still function healthily there must be NO degration of genetic diversity NO permanent alteration of size distribution age structure or sex ratios Retantion of social behaviour Overexploitation our use of what ever we take out consumptive is lost and gone forever the rate of use exceeds rate of renewal likely extinction occurs when the item we are exploiting has no substitution the rarer more money eventually the local isolated population will go down local extirpation extinction in given areaglobal extinction Reasons for overexploitation i Foodhuman driven extinctionwherever human appear megafaunas large animals are usually driven to extinctionso easily hunted because megafaunas had no natural enemiesPassenger pigeon best known and recorded extinctionand was soo abundant before flocks were 35km since the traveled in such huge flocks easy game and food meat and egg with railways and tellegraphs people can communicate for location of flocks and sell the meat in large areas once the population started to decline it was very fastsince they were scattered could not breed
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