Lecture 2

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Biological Sciences
Catherine Nash

Mammalian Physiology BIOB30 Lecture 2Typical concentration of ions in intracellular IC and extracellular solutions ECcell comprises of salthigher sodium concentration in the extracellular solutionhigher potassium concentration in the intracellular solutionsuch difference creates a concentration or chemical gradient between the inner and outer environmentIC and EC are separated by plasma membraneplasma membrane is impermeable only water and nonpolar molecules can diffuse easily into the membraneglucose has a slow rate of diffusionpolar molecules cannot pass through due to the impermeable membraneNa K ATPase pumpelectrogenic pump electro refers to the positive charge and geneic refers to the net movement of 3 sodium ions vs 2 potassium ions3 sodium ions are transported out of the cell and 2 potassium ions are transported into cellthe cell is negatively chargedgreater sodium concentration outside of the cell and a greater potassium concentration inside the cellwithout energy ions flow from high to low concentration the sodium ions should flow inside the cel
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