BGYB30H3 Lecture 3 Notes The Action Potential 1 Sep 17
BGYB30H3 Lecture 3 Notes The Action Potential 1 Sep 17

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

BGYB30H3 Lecture 3 Notes -all cells try to maintain resting potential (nerve and muscle cells) -these cells respond to changes in membrane permeability by opening and closing ion channels -electrodes are used to give voltage readings through a voltmeter (able to measure differences in membrane potential between IC and EC compartments -membrane potential difference is relative to 0 -depolarization is that membrane potential is moving towards 0 -hyperpolarization is that membrane potential is moving more negative than resting membrane potential -repolarization is that membrane potential moves away from 0 to resting membrane potential -sodium channel has inactive and active gate -at rest, sodium active gate is closed and inactive gate is open -depolarization involves opening active gate -at 30mV, inactivation gate closes, in repolarization, activation gate closes -sodium flux happens when both gates are open -the two types of potassium channels are leak and non leak channels -at RMP, leak channels are open and non leak are closed -depolarization involves leak channels closed and non leak channels are opened -hyperpolarization involves leak channels open and non-leak channels are closed -potassium channels are slow to activate and inactivate -sodium channels are quick to activate and inactivate -changes in membrane potential are localized in the cell membrane while the rest of the cell is negatively charged -IC and EC are relatively stable - ooKKL}L]o}ZL[ ZK] Z}K}Z
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