BGYB30H3 Lecture 8 Notes CNS 1-Oct 6

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Biological Sciences
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

BGYB30H3 Lecture 8 Notes -the three parts of the peripheral nervous system are the autonomic nervous system, enteric nervous system and the somatic motor division -the autonomic nervous system controls cardiac, smooth muscle, adipose tissue, and endocrine control -the enteric nervous system controls the digestive system -the somatic motor division controls skeletal muscles -a nerve net is found in jellyfish to control and coordinate movement -flatworms have the simplest nervous system in animals with nerve cell bodies restricted to the head -segmented worms have ganglia to allow spinal reflexes which are not controlled by the brain -in vertebrates, the forebrain contains the cerebrum and the cerebellum -animal brains increase in complexity and specialization -dorsal is the top part of the brain and ventral is the bottom part of the brain -neural plate is the region in the embryo that forms the CNS -cells migrate up the neural groove to form the neural tube, causing the deepening of the neural groove -at day 23 of embryo development, a neural tube forms with the lumen inside it with a wall lining (ependyma cells) -the lumen forms the ventricles of the CNS while the lining forms the gap junctions and neural stem cells -the outer layer of the neural tube becomes neurons and glial cells -neural crest become sensory and motor neurons of the PNS -in week 4, the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain become specialized in the neural tube -
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