BGYB30H3 Lecture 20 Notes-Nov 17

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Biological Sciences
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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

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BGYB30H3 Lecture 20 Notes -anterior pituitary secretes N PRL, TSH, ACTH, GH, FSH, and LH -hypothalamus controls anterior pituitary hormones -anterior pituitary hormones regulate secretion of another hormone, making them trophic hormones -hypothalamus releases trophic hormones -anterior pituitary hormones are named by target -HHPS connects anterior pituitary to the hypothalamus -low concentrations of hormones from the hypothalamus are secreted and enter the anterior pituitary -hypothalamus releases inhibitory and releasing hormones that cause or prevent release of hormones from the anterior pituitary -hormones negatively feedback to inhibit release from anterior pituitary, endocrine gland, or hypothalamus -long loop negative feedback occurs when hormone released outside the CNS causes negative feedback in the CNS -short loop is negative feedback in the CNS -hypersecretion is an excess in secretion of hormones while hyposecretion is when not enough of one hormone is secreted -exogenous medication replaces and exceeds normal levels, which can cause atrophy of endocrine gland if medication is constantly given -H-AP axis controls cortisol secretion from the adrenal cortex -cortisol releasing
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