BGYB30H3 Lecture 23 Notes Reproduction and Development 3-Nov 26

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Biological Sciences
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

BGYB30H3 Lecture 23 Notes -spermatogoniK9 primary spermatocyte 9 secondary spermatocyte 9 spermatids -it takes 64 days for spermatogonia to mature -spermatogonia undergo mitosis in the basal lamina and meiosis in the lumen of the seminiferous tubules -blood-testes barrier are tight junctions that break and reform while spermatocytes migrate -spermatids N lose cytoplasm and develop flagellated tail N chromatin of nucleus condenses into a dense structure N acrosome develops and contains enzymes that breakdown oocyte wall for fertilization - during ejaculation, sperm released from the seminiferous tubules moves through the vas deferens to the urethra Sertoli cells N provide nourishment N secrete inhibin, activin, enzymes, growth factors and androgen-binding protein (ABP) N ABP binds to testosterone to make it less lipophillic and keep it in the lumen Leydig cells N Found in the interstitial fluid between the seminiferous tubule N secretes testosterone that can be converted to estradiol -LH is regulated by GnRH hormone while FSH is regulated by activin, inhibin, and GnRH -FSH activates receptors in Sertoli cells to release ABP and enzymes
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