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Biological Sciences
Daman Bawa

Lecture 24 Nervous and Hormonal Regulation of Digestion Gut motility and secretes of substances are controlled by two nerve plexesSubmuscosal nerve plexis innervates the submucosa layer and the myenteric nerve plexis innervates the smooth muscleSubmuscosal nerve plexis influences secretory activity while myenteric plexis innervates smooth muscle activity Receptors in the wall of the stomach are connect to nerve plexis via sensory afferent connected to interneuron which connects to motor or enteric neuron which then sends nervous signals to gut muscles or secretory cellsThree types of receptors in the gutoMechanoreceptors sense distension or stretching of the gutoChemoreceptors that sense changes in pH sugars amino acids and fatty acidsoOsmoreceptors sense changes in osmotic pressure as food gets smaller and smaller osmotic pressure of stomach chyme increasesOsmoreceptors are stretch inhibited as osmotic pressure increases around cells water is drawn out of the osmoreceptors and into stomach lumen receptor cells shrink open up stretch sensitive ion channels and finally depolarize which send signal to either motor neurons or to the enteric neuronsMechanoreceptors are stretch activated distention causes ion channels to open leading to depolarization and
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