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Lecture 8


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Biological Sciences
Daman Bawa

LECTURE 8CytochromesHeme containing proteinsA b or c based on absorption spectrum ETC has a a b b566 b b562 c are all integral proteins and cyt c is a peripheral 3LH1membrane protein on the outer surface of IMMEach carry 1 e per heme iron Different types of hemeThe Chemiosmotic TheoryETC links redox energy to ATP synthesis Involves pumping out protons from the matrix to IMM and protons flowing back through the ATP synthase in response to the chemical and electrical differentialUnequal distribution of H is energy rich called proton motive forceProton circuit is established where protons respond to the chemical and electrical gradient and flow back to matrix to equalize distribution though ATP synthase to catalyze ATP synthesisExperimental Evidence for ChemiosmosisMitochondria oxidizes substrates and consume oxygen only when ADP is present Mitchells proposal synthetic compounds uncouple oxidation from phosphorylation using synthetic molecules disrupts the ATP synthesisATPase activity in damaged mitochondriaIn Bacteriorhodopsin reconsitituion in membrane vesicles with ATP synthase and a proton pumpoInsideout mitochondrial membrane vesicle that can pump protons into interior of vesicle when oxidizable substrate was made available oArtificial vesicle containing bacterial rhodopsin protein were exposed to light resulting in inward proton pumping oATP synthesis on the vesicle surfaceComplex I NADHubiquinone oxidoreductase
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