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7 The QuantumMechanical Model of the AtomoSubatomic particleselectrons neutrons and protons do not determine future ex shoot one electron down a path and measure where it lands second electron shot under the same path and same conditions will land elsewhereoQuantum mechanics account for fundamental observations ex the very stability of atoms it is the foundation of chemistryexplains periodic table and behaviors of elements in chemical bonding71 The Theory That Explains the Behaviors of the Absolutely SmalloAn atoms electrons determine many of its chemical and physical propertiesoWhen observing an electron it behaves differently than when it is not being observed Observing electrons will disturb them ex using light to bounce of an electron and let the light enter our eyes will not work becauselight itself disturbs the electrons positionoTherefore electron position is difficult to measureoQuantummechanical model of the atom explains how electrons exist in atoms and how those electrons determine the chemical and physical properties of elements ex why elements behave the way they do72 The Nature of Lightoas quantum mechanics developed light was found to have many characteristics in common with electrons ex waveparticle duality of lightWave Nature of Lightolight is electromagnetic radiation a type of energy embodied in oscillating electric and magnetic fields at perpendicular angles propagating through space pg 278 fig 71oelectric fielda region of space where an electrically charged particle experiences a force ex proton is electrically charged it will experience a force when another charged particle is brought close to itomagnetic fielda region of space where a magnetic particle experiences a force ex two magnets exerting a force on each other8oconstant speed at c300 x 10 ms in a vacuumofast speed causes sound to be heard after seeing reaction ex sound of fireworks explodingoa wave is characterized by amplitudevertical height of a crest measured from the horizontal centre higher amplitudegreater 1
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