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Lecture: The Brain: Part 2The three lobes: take input from the world and putting it into the brain  Frontal lobe: taking information and coordinating to the world  The right-language and communication, left: sounds, music etc.  Partial Lobe: A good representation of your body and the obstacles. (lateralization a little bit)  Right partial lobe: movement of the body  We just know where our body is at all times. There is some sort on internal sensation- proprioception  An internal perception where our body is at all time.  Damages to left parietal lobe would cause motor impairments  Right Parietal lobe: what is out on the world  When there damages to the right parietal lobe neglect the left side of space (the left side of the world is gone)  Input comes from the body and the world.  Sensory strip: Primary cortex for the partial lobe. Sensory input from touch  Different parts of the body were stimulated different parts of the sensory strip would be stimulated.  Our hands have the most sensory neurons-fingertips (highest concentration on sensory neuron)  Two ways of stimulation of sensory cortex-external simulation and random brain simulation-give feeling of an itch  Anything that stimulates will remap to the opposite side of the body  Primary Motor Cortex: moving body parts-stimulate-behave with that opposite side.  That amount of cortical is in proportion not the actual size but proportionate to the motor- sort of way (brain tissue devoted to our tongue)  Motor Cortex is proportionate to what they actually use to manipulate the world (people without hands, have a lot of motor cortex dedicated to feet)  Frontal Lobotomy was popular before very good consists of cutting the connections to and from the prefrontal cortex (frontal lobe and rest of the lo
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