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CHMA11 Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Jamie Donaldson

CHMA11 Lecture 5 Properties of liquidsproperties of liquids depend on interaction between molecules in liquidstrength of the interaction between molecules give rise to difference in surface tension and viscositystronger the intermolecular interaction the stronger the desire to stay in the liquid boiling point goes up and vapour pressure goes downequilibrium is achieved when the rate of condensationrate of evaporationat higher temperature the average random thermal energy increases and the fraction of molecule which have more energy than some specified amount increasesnumber of molecules going into the vapour phase increasesas the temperature increases we have more energy therefore more energy to over come IF and larger portion of gases go into gas phaseat some point vapour pressure of the liquidambient outside pressure and when that happens boiling point is reachedif the ambient outside pressure is 1 atm it is the normal boiling pointat higher elevations ambient pressure is less than 1 atmboiling point goes downit takes longer for eggs to cookrelationship of vapour pressure and temperature is not linearsomewhat exponentialvapour pressure goes up if temperature increased because inc
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