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Lecture 8

CHMA11 Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Jamie Donaldson

CHMA11 Lecture 8 January 27 2012Vapour Pressure of Solutions vapour pressure of a solution is different from the vapour pressure of the pure solventsolute is replace some of the spaces at the top of the liquid therefore the solvent molecules can leave as easilyif you add a solute with vapour pressure of 0 or very low ie salt of sugar in waterthe vapour pressure of the water will be lower than it is for pure watera solution with vapour pressure concentrated solutionsis going to want to pull vapour pressure towards it thirstybecause it wants to be dilutedeventually the solution will become more dilute and the pure solvent will become depletedhis can be quantifies using Raoults lawvapour pressure in a solution is equal to the vapour pressure of the pure substance multiplied its mole fraction is solution mole fraction is the number of the moles of the solute divided by the total number of moles of the solvent and the solutesolvent vapour pressure in solutionpure vapour pressure multiplied by the mole fr
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