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Lecture 9

CHMA11 Lecture 9

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Jamie Donaldson

CHMA11 Lecture 9 Chemical KineticsJanuary 30 2012chemical kinetics understanding how quickly chemical reactions take placerate of chemical reaction is how the rate of concentration changes over timenot how many moles per second its how many molesL per secondrate of reactionchange in concentrationchange in time divided by stoichiometric coefficient and account for the sign rate of reagent change is negative and rate of product change is positivethink of the rate of reaction as a mole of reaction rate or reaction is a number with units of molLsMsaverage rate of reactions are not constant ie the reaction of Hslows down as it proceeds and the rate 2 production of HI slows downthe average rate of reaction is the same of both the reactant and productInstantaneous Ratehow quickly a reaction is happening at any particular instanttangent to the curvesgive the instantaneous rate at that timeMeasuring Reaction Rates can do a titration to measure concentrationsif reaction is m
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