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CHMB41 Lab Safety Videos 1-3

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Shadi Dalili

Chemistry Lab Safety VideosVideo 1 General Practicewear full length long sleeves lab coatprotect skin from chemical spillput it on before the labalways wear safety glassesprotect eyes from spillsplashesdo not wear contact lensesremove fingeringjewelry corrosiveirritating liquid can get trapped underneath and damage skin tie long hair upit can fall into chemicalsflamewear shoes that cover the whole footdo not wear sandal or open toe shoes as it does not protect you from spillyou can trip over loosely sleevescause chemical spillSummary of before you enter the labput on your lab coatsafety glassestie up long hairremove ringsjewelrywear proper footwearnever block access to exitemergency equipmentin case of fire alarm turn off any electrical equipmentleave immediately using the closest exitknow the location of exitknow how to use fire extinguisher eye wash first aid kitsafety showernever kneel down because this can trip someonebring instrument up to eye levelnever leave experiment while in progressturn off all heating sources gas valves water faucet in usedo not forget to wash handwash with watersoap
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