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lecture 1.

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Lecture 1.
Topic: the ozone layer.
Environmental chemistry: the chemistry of pollution
Study of the process associated with disturbances of the natural system through human ability.
Green chemistry: modify process/ product in such way that they are more environments friendly.
Geochemistry: try to understand natural process in natural environment.
Environmental pollution issue.
1. Ozone layer
2. 2. Air pollution (photochemical smog)
3. Global warming (green house gas)
4. Organic chemicals
5. Water pollution
6. Heavy metal (Hg)
1. From south pole, color=how much ozone, green=lot, purple= little
2. How much ozone is there over year during springtime in Antarctic
3. Size of the area without ozone, max extension
4. How ozone distribution will be developed
Predict ozone concentration.
Stratospheric ozone depletion
1. Transient disappearance of ozone in the Antarctic during spring time
Dobson unit: unit of measured ozone columnar density.
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