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Published on 19 Nov 2012
Lecture 9; November 12, 2012
Rick: upper class, president of Walmart
Counsellor Gary Crawford represents ward-area in between the beaches. Professional artist -
landscapes, became counsellor at 50 (2 years ago) and started to get involved in politics around
40 years old. Put down $200 and ran in the election open to anybody. Wanted to make an
impact for the Artists in the city.
Project Coordinator Alex manager of Action for Neighbourhood Change: UWay research
provided evidence that many neighbourhoods in the city that lacked services, etc., so created a
group to impact social changes need to invest in strong committees/networks and the people
that live there. Partnership with head community leadership within a particular priority
neighbourhood. Works with any grassroots group that is trying to make a positive impact on
their neighbourhood.
What’s biggest issue in the city?
Rick: public transit big issue; growing gap, creation of 2-tiered society. The gap between those
who have and those who have less is continuing to accelerate. The bigger the gap, the more
incarceration, violence, drug use, etc. More than Property Taxes as a way to bring money into
the city.
Gary Crawford growth where will this city be 40 years from now? Growth surge condo
boom. Biggest challenge how to manage that growth, adding 1.5-2.5 million people to the city.
Alex loss of industrial land, therefore losing work options. To have a healthy unified city,
educate underprivileged
Most people want to live in a mixed area.
How would a casino help the gap?
Alex: Revenue how much/where would it go? Could possibly get up to $150 million. Would it
go into transit, etc. Need to discuss where money from casino goes.
Gary: A casino is coming to GTA and it’s all about making more money. If it doesn’t happen in
D/T Toronto, it’ll happen in Mississauga or Markham, etc. Still be a social impact regardless of
where the casino is geographically, so need to look at where will we benefit from it the most.
Casinos are willing to put millions of dollars into social projects, but need to have a casino in the
city to want to do that trade-offs.
Rick: the people who gamble the most are the people who can afford it the least. There will be
new jobs, but 85% of them are temporary workers, no benefits, and shift hours. Money received
will it go into services, or will it go into Ontario? OLGs profit goes into government.
Would Relief Line (subway) be more likely to happen with construction of Casino?
Gary: Yes. Will relieve regional people make it easier for GTA residents to come into the city
(majority of jobs are downtown). Need to discuss the next priority confirmed $8.5 billion going
into Scarborough transit alone but relief line will benefit majority.
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