CITC08H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Icebreaker, Eye Contact

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Published on 15 Jun 2012
City Studies
If it's not the right question don't ask it. intrusive questions.
Facilitation - Community development Allisha
Respect differences and all contributions
Diverse people with common interest
Three questions asked at end of facilitation
What went well
What would you do differently
First four classes are just the basics
What to do to be an attentive listener
Eye contact
Repeat and clarification question
Body behaviour
Connections in you're own perspective
Not always about getting task done
Remember human being
About relationships at the end of the dayyeFFFFFFF
Refer to people first and then describe them*
oIndividuals linked by a common interest or characteristics
Community development
oIs a set of practices, values, strategies and actions designed to be used in combination to
create social, cultural, environmental and economic change
oIs the combination of assets such as leadership skills, resources, knowledge and tools of
individuals or groups that enable them to have control over conditions that affect well-
The garden
KGO vs Anytown Garden
oits a process where the community decides whereas Anytown is one specific group
oKGO gets group together as the goal whereas the goal for Anytown is the garden itself
oKGO is inclusive where people come and work together
Ice breakers that are appropriate
Safety such as health and ability
Relevant content
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