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City Studies
Ahmed Allahwala

What is planning? • As an activity, not talking about the city and urban aspect • Subconsciously • Idea about a state in the future o Need an objective for the future, desired outcome • Can’t plan backwards, can’t undo but can learn from it • Have the present and have the future so when planning, you are making a connection/relationship between now and the future o Eg desired outcome to not be late • Have to figure out how to get from now to the desired future • Eg planning out the semester, want to do well, have to take in mind certain constraints o Take into considerations • An activity that includes present and future o Need desired goal/objective o And figuring out a stratigy to get from here to that state in the future  The resources and constraints Planning is the deliberate social or org activity…..-Ernest alexander • Optimal strategy Urban planning • “planner” can assume for urban planning most likely • Desired vision of how a city, it’s infrastructure system will be • How can we achieve these desired goals of nice parks, roads, bike lanes etc • Canadian encyclopedia o The hard infrastructure of the city o Not talking about the social aspect Planning is not easy, inter- relationships • Complex, many relationships, different domains, and different jurisdiction • People, physical objects, different problems and subject matters 3 questions in mind to achieve the goal • What action is necessary? • Who should act- what institutions, organizations o We need resources o Eg TTC, we need funding, we need provincial support, • How should we proceed? Going back to ernest’s definition • Desired outcome is important • Do we all agree on what the desired outcome is? o Hard to decide on one outcome • Planner finds himelf in the middle of conflict Picture • Jarvis • Was on the news because got rid of the bike lanes • It’s a 5 lane street and the middle lane is either northbound or south depending on the time of day • Sign shows either red cross or green arrow to show direction • It was a big decision o Controversial
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