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Lecture 12

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City Studies
Ahmed Allahwala

ReviewWeek 1What is planningWhat is urban planningDifferent approaches of planningEg Toronto porter airlinesoUnanimous vote for discussionsoNeed to do environmental impact assessment A large challenge for porterThey will hire a lot of consultants to do that research for themMunicipal planneroNeeds to think of the planAdvocacyoThe interest of the communityPrivateoProfitability getting project approvedWeek 2Historical eras of epochsoGoing back to first European colonial developmentoStaples theoryFur as main economic purpose settlements were small no vessels going back and for that would allow for a large number of immigrantsththDuring late 19 to 20 century growth of Canadian citiesPost war expansions of Canadian urban regionsoPrivate automobileoLets get people away from the city into the suburbsoAssumption that fossil fuels were limitless no thinking of green house basesoChanged the retail dominance of the downtownBut started to have regional shopping mallCar was dominant mode of transportationCurrent growth patternsoCanada has uneven growth patteroVancouver Edmonton GTA Ottawa and Montreal5 urban regions where growth occursoCanadas net growth is due to immigration1 of the populationoGrowing urban regions vs shrinking regionsShrinkingConcerned about attracting and retaining peopleDifferent planning objectives than a growing regionWeek 3Looked at the historical emergence of planning as a practiceWe had city planners even in ancient Rome and medieval timesoThey had people thinking of infrastructure provisionththBut modern city planning emerged in the 19 early 20 centuryoCame from city problemsCities grew along side industrializationoAs more people moved into the city because of the labour marketoCities grew to a point that problems occurredProblems
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