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City Studies
Ahmed Allahwala

CITB01 Lecture 3January 25 12 y For midterm understand these periods o Review Epochs of Canadian Urban DevelopmentMercantile period 16001800 no large scale for immigrationAgricultural expansion 18001850 timber versus fur shipping wood to Europe and bringing back more immigrantsCanadas industrialization 18501945The postwar economic boom 19551975 y Where did city planning really come from y Current trends y Canada is now referred to urban nation a country linked to the wilderness despite the fact that we link with nature we are in fact y 80 of us live in urban areas an urban area of at least 1000 habitants and at least 400 people per square kilometer include fair amount of small cities places we would probably say really small towns y Census metropolitan area that has at least about 60 live in CMAs large cities containing over 100 000 people Over the past 30 years we have seen metropolitan dominant areas Currently have 33 CMAs So
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