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Lecture 3

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City Studies
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Ahmed Allahwala

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Week 3 Jan 25 2012 Review Midterm try to understand 3 Epochs of Canadian development from last week and explain how cities develop REVIEW EPOCHS OF CANADIAN URBAN DEVELOPMENTMercantile period 16001800 Agricultural expansion 18001850 Canadas industrialization 18501945 The postwar economic boom 19551975 Settlements remained small Forest re industry increased timber was a staple shipping we required greater vessel and greater ship and that is how population is increasedWEEK 3THE HISTORY OF PLANNING IN CANADAObjective of Canadian urban development y To identify and explain current trends inCanadian urban development To identify and describe the foundational ideasof modern city planning To describe the emergence and institutionalconsolidation of planning in CanadaCURRENT TRENDSCanada has become an urban nationmaple leaf animals that are coined as a people connected to nature Urbanization in Canada continues albeit with a different geography80lived in urban areas 1000 habitants and relatively small cities but considered urban areasMetropolitan dominance urban growth is concentrated in five urban regions CMA 33 68 live in CMA Over the past 2030 yrS we have increase in metropolitan dominance which has lead a gap between metro and non metro population Small towns have unique planning challenges Pronounced contrast between metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas of the country
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