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City Studies
Ahmed Allahwala

CITB01H3CITY STUDIES LEC 10 3212012 94800 AM Last Regular Lecture of this CoursePlanning and Managing Growth Review of Last Week describe the dominant land use planning patterns in the post world war period suburbanization caroriented development dominated urban development across NA facilitated by the state of governments highways mortgage programs for private ownership mostly in the suburbansresidential commercial manufacturePeople can live away from where they work and commute to where they workDominant transportation planning was never thought as a separate planning strategy hierarchial network of highway with freeways at the top of the hierarchy Planners began to understand the limits of scrawl and negative externalities of uncontrolled suburban sprawl congestion smog pollutionTransit Friendly Land use planningIncrease density around transportation facilitiesMore people will be using public transportation rather then relying on their own private cars Carsharing subsidies to metropass high occupancy vehicle lanes in the highwayGTAmost important regional plans regional transportation plan big move implemented by the provincial government METROLINXRead the Documents big move official plan the places to grow plans Dominant planning issues today uncontrolled urban sprawl reform strategies in place embrace new ways of thinking of urban development 2 reform strategies Smart Growth and UrbanismWeek 3 Contemporary Urban patterns Burnes and Simmons
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