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City Studies
Sultan Ahmed

September 19, 2013 CITB02 Week 3 Process of Contemporary Global Urbanization  Urbanization o In china there is a large population of population living in rural places o North America is almost all urban o In 2010 urban and rural collided and switched in number of population living in it Trends  Striking difference in trends and projections between developed and less developed regions  Urban population grows at a faster rate than world’s population at large  The world’s population growth in the 21 century will be almost entirely urban  An new urban revolution for the first time in a human history, under dwellers outnumber rural populations  Population growth will be particularly rapid in urban areas of less developed regions  The urban population of developed region is expected to increase only slightly and slowly  However, the process of urbanization is more advanced in the developed world  The proportion of people living in mega-cities I sand will remain relatively small  Smaller urban settlements with less than 500000 inhabitants will absorb much of the world’s pop growth  The number of cities with more than 5 million inhabitants will increase  In 2003, 33 of 46 cities with more than 5 million inhabitants were in less developed countries What are the fa
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