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Lecture 4

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City Studies
Anne Gloger

Week 4 Previous comments (Anne) - bias - everyone has biases but to know your biases and reduce your biases when working with people - can do with biases to have less of a negative impact on interaction - spelling and grammar are extremely important in learning logs - difference between capacity and capacity building Safety commity - host safety meetings - capacity was getting people in a room and needed to talk about it - capacity to organize - build capactiy via expanding connection? - works for groups and commitys and also individuals Facilitation (Fred) Win-win approach - conflicts - disagreements - some people deal with it and some people avoid it - fight or flight scenario - flight is passive whereas fight is aggressive in nature - theres a middle point such as flow such as compromising - compromising not all the needs are met and some things are sacraficed - may result in party members resenting - basic principles of win win approach - story two sisters want an orange juice - slice in half - one made juice other made pie but not enough quantity of orange - figure out needs before compromising - can increase productivity - result in good quality solutions due to working together instead of fighting - win win can not always happen - such as two applicants fighting for job - what went well - more time and more props needed - goal for faciliation - just want to show that we can come to a mutal understanding so its not always a win-lose situation - like visual aids (subheadings) Lecture (Anne) - doing things differently - thinking through different situtations and applying different approaches that are apporiate for different solutions - knowing what your goal is when you walk into a room - story: there was a young woman - granda taught how t
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