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Lecture 6

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City Studies
Anne Gloger

Highlight last class Janet and Calvin - secret signal - pulling down ear to tell calvin was low on time so he would wrap up and she would start - keep an open mind, ask, and don't assume you can just go work with someone without knowing what other strengths are Things on a debrief - reflect, learn and adapt Learning log needs to reflect, learn and adapt not just talk about what happened Jamie and Calvin co-teaching Jamie - Who makes up a healthy thriving community - police, community organizer, residents, teacher, caregiver, business people, social worker, politician, doctors - All play a part in making the community better - in order to do this work people need housing, transportation, security, employment and job security - activity: paper on the floor with words - everything is connected network between individual and community needs Calvin - Maslow heiarchy of needs - does not always nesscarily move up but has the abi
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