CLAA05H3 Lecture Notes - Northrop Frye, Dragon'S Blood, Harpocrates

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I t is a story, and they are reflective of the beliefs and realities of the people who created them; foundation of religious practices and moral systems. The idea that they cannot speak to these alien forms because they do not understand language. But you soon discover that the language is mythology, and stories etc. End it off with his own story of gilgamesh. Understanding our own mythologies and then understanding other"s mythology, helps us understand other people. Urban legends we have the implication that those of others, who are not western in the. We place a value judgement on their valuation. Star trek"s jean luc piccard used an ancient myth of gilgamesh and even current pop- culture uses references to such myths. The study of religion involves more than just the chronological order of events, but the reason of such events; and study such events (study religion) at phenomena and thus the history of humanity.