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CLAA06H3 Lecture Notes - Hermes Pan, Pan Flute, Faunus

Classical Studies
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Vikki Cochioni

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Ancient Mythology Lec.03 01/23/2013
- Son of Leto (Titaness)
- Leto can only give birth on the island of Delos ("clear"). On the nearby island
Ortygia she had given birth to Apollo's twin sister, Artemis. Hera, out of
jealousy made sure no place accepted Leto, so she travelled until she found
Delos. - Artemis, Hekate and Selene are all moon-goddesses
- Shrine of Apollo in Delos but also in Delphi.
- Seems as though Apollo comes and fixes places.
- Leto, Apollo, Artemis (godess of child birth) often presented as divine family
- Myth: Leto threatened by giant sent by Hera, that tries to rape Leto right after
she gives birth to her twins. The giant is Tityos, and so Apollo and Artemis
shoot him with arrows to protect their mother.
- Myth: Niobe, a mother of seven sons and seven daughters that lived in Troy.
She claimed she was more fortunate and happier than Leto. When mortals
claim to be more fortunate than a god: Hubris (arrogance). Leto is upset
so Apollo and Artemis shoot all her children.
- Apollo represented as young man without a beard. He is the embodiment of
youth. Represented by bows and arrows (similar to Artemis), however not a
hunting god. He is the god of prophecies.
- Myth: Apollo was trying to find a place for himself and asked a nymph
Telphusa and she said a place near Darmasus, and Apollo finds a serpent that
he shoots there. Angry at Telphusa, he punishes her for deception. At Delphi,
he has to fight Python a female dragon.
- Pythia: Priestess, and prophetess and virgin. Pythia's oracles at Delphi answers
yes/no questions. Plate associated with grains and bartley that help Pythia
read the future.
- Myth: King Croesus asked Pythia if he should start a war against the persians,
and her answer was that if he does "an empire will be destroyed". This made
him think he'd win, but he was defeated and he realized that it was his empire
that was destoryed.
- Laural plant associated with Apollo and prophecy. Apollo is also represented
by the sun sometimes - Overlap with Helios.
- Apollo brings diseases to humans but also related to healing. His son Asclepius
is the god of healing (Paradox).
- Apollo represented by lyre because he's the god of music. He is the leader of
the muses as well and the god of lyric poetry and the best lyre player and
- Myth: Masiyas claimed that he could play the lyre the best, so Apollo
challenged him and he realized that this mortal really could play it better than
Apollo. In envy and jealousy, Apollo slayed him alive (harshness and cruelty
of Greek tragedies)
Apollo's Loves (In Ovid's Metamorphoses)
- Many of which were prophetesses
- Myth: Cassandra (Trojan Princess) accepted Apollo's advances, and then asked
for the gift of being able to look into the futre (gift of prophecy). However
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