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17 Apr 2012

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1) Describe the gate of Janus?
2) What was the punishment for the priestesses of Vesta who failed to preserve their chastity?
3) Why was Mars an important god for the Romans?
4) Which characters in the Aenid connects Aeneas to Augustus?
- Why do Greeks need myth? Is myth connected to a specific society or general permanent values? It is
part of the life of the society?
- Western myths compared to Greek myths?
-Greek myth is more specific- same gods acting in different stories.
- do urban legends have the power of myth?
- myth and religion so strong for the greeks, very interconnected.
- most stories from literary sources.
- Greeks used face painting and sculptures to represent gods
- does myth exist outside of literature
-literature is one of the many expressions
-Ovid, Homer, took the myth from moral tradition and transformed it and made the myth match his
literary purpose. He did this with many different myths.
-Think of myth as just a plot.
-Apollo changing danae- what happened to them?- all these missing variants.
- Discussion of myth is the discussion of language- “mythos- word
- common structure of language in human mind (syntax0
-We learn to adjust this particular language in infancy.
- What is the common syntax in our mind?
-Does myth express something eternal or something social?
-Portrayal of women as being sexist or the true role of women in society?
-Is Oedipus a crime a warning for people to kill their parents or an undesires expression not allowed in
- religion offers grounding- it explains things,
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