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Lecture 5


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University of Toronto Scarborough
Classical Studies
Chris Wallace

LECTURE 5 WEEK Classical Greece cont’d Early Rome  Peloponnesian War o Deceleian War : 413-404 o Arginusae: 406 o graphe Paranormon o Agospotamic 404  Greek Literature o Tragedy Aeschylus o Sophocles Euripides o Comedy aristophones o Philosphoy : Plato, Aristotle , Sophisf, Socrates , Critias  Aeneas: 1175  Foundation of the city of Tome: 753 Romulus, Remus, Sabine women  Beginingn of the Romean Republic  Brutus, collatinus  Consul, praetor, senate , comitia , Dictatator  Conflict of the orders  Heroes of the Early republic  Cincinnatis ( ft. 460-438)  Camillus (fl 396- 360 The Sicilian Expedition:  415-413  Athens helps segest selinus quickly becomes a war against syracus( helped by Sparta)  Ni The Deceleian war : 413-404  Alcibaides in Sparta  Recommends occupying deceleia  Alcibaides fless Sparta for sardis then athns, Athens recover  Battle of Arginusae o Graphe paranormon  Aegospotami : 404  Lysander : the thirty “, Critas o Athens were going to fight and Sparta had nope hope of briching their walls o Alcibaides (get’s introuble in Sparta) : he had impregnated on eof the kings wives, to the persian king (Libya) – persudades governer to get revenge on athens is to let them fight against themselves , and funds the Spartans to make their fort, provide food. o Athenians didn’t give up (theucities stop, cuase he dies or got tired of his work) : and they recovered. o 406 bC : kinda wins a naval victory with Spartans ; Athenians win battle of Arginusae: ships destroyed : o Ships sent to save the drowing ones storms hits and general abandon their people and outcries btw Athenians and generals; put them to trial without laws o Graphe paraonom: criminal charge against a person who sponsored a bill : if that bill is contray law or customs, u can charge him with that crime but if u propose illegal then can be ( prosecuted)- (contrary to current laws) o Athenians once again master of the sea. Then battle of Aegospotami :404 : Athens excecuted most of generals ; less fit less capable generals, follow Lysander to make him fight – he retreated to the city of Seistos. Lysander Attacks Athens, they lose their fleet and they can’t import food by sea and they starve. o Sparta: makes them reduce their walls, and ships and become an allie of Sparta – gov ( thhe thirty men ) who are loyal to Sparta. Critias ( cruel, eg. hitler) o Athens recovers Sparta: locked in 3 way Athens and Thebes Philosphy  Plate : 427-347 : he thought we all had an ideal of things that made difference btw things ( are still the same thing), He creates a better education system o Forms , education, dion  Aristotle 384-322 : student of plato : everything is direct to some kind of end and producing a result, everything u do should result of end ( producing happiness) o Teleology  Socrates 469-399 : saved is his Aciblaides life , in the battle of Del… o He is brought to trial : Athenian legal system: no such thing as a lawyer : higher some to a right a speech for you but u have to say it, no prosecution if you accuse him of something no lawyer : you have to prosecute him. o He is charge with aethism and corrupting the youth: he loses, once you lose the case, 2 both sides chose what they should be punished. o Sophist
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