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Lecture 7

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Classical Studies
Chris Wallace

Lecture 7 Early Rome con’t Alexander and the hellenitic world Rome Early republic (509-ca.300)  Conflict of the orders  Cincinnatus (fl 460-439)  Camillus(fl.400-350) Greece and Macedon in the 4 Century  The king’s peace  Theban Supremacy o Epaminodas  Philip II (c. 359-336 o Sarissa o Demosthenes(384- 322) o Battle of Cheroneai (338 BCE)  Alexander III the Great : 356 – 323  Destruction of Thebes: 335  Battle of Issues: 333  Egypt: 332-1 o Zeus- Ammon  Battle of Gaugmela:331  The Hellenistic world :323 -31 BCE o Personal monarchy : seleucids o Antigonids, ptolemies and attalids o Pyrrhus to Epirus Cinnatnnus :  His life is a lesson, being happy with what you have, nd  458: dictator : expansion of roman emperor , need an emperor go and find cinnatus, 2 lesson: names dictator again deal with roman; suffereing from famine o Bring food and sell cheap to romans so we can survive ( Spurius Maelius)  He is rich and plabean it istaken as political threat ; make himself the king of rome  Romans feeling threaten then name Cincinnatus as dictator  Cincinnatus leutenat ; murders Spurius } seen as good resist his authority  One of the most glorious deeds }it was seen as bad, but Cissora likes it because he also excecuted people nd  Camillus (2 great hero)  He got exiled from Rome, he opposes the redistributing of soils of war  Early roman source (220) Naevius : poet, he wrote in greek: rival (Enius): wrote in greek meter: o Dictator 396, 386 o Veli o Galic sakc o Neavius (220-200) o Greece after 400BCE  Anyone to face the upset of the staus quote is going to  379: Sparta betrays thebes ; tried to seizes thebes and acroplysyse but get driven out, get driven by Epaminondas  The kings peace(387)  Epaminondas(362)  Pho
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