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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Classical Studies
Chris Wallace

Lecture 9  First punic war: 264-241 BCE  Second Punic war : 218 -201 rd  3 Punic war : 149-146  Tiberius Gracchus (ca. 165-133 BCe o Ager Publicus o Attalus III of Pergamum o Gaius Gracchus (d. 121) o Publicians  Gaius Marius (157-86 BCE, cos,107,104,103,102,101, 100, and 86 BCe  Luciu comelius sulla (138-78 BCe, dictator82-1  Spartcus 73-71 BCe  M. TUllius Cicero (106 -43  Gaius valerius atullus ca. 85-54 bce  Marcus licincius crassus (113-53 bce  Gnaeus Pmpeius magnus  Gaius Julius caser Governement of the roman republic: the mixed constitution  Monarchic : element the consuls o Elected annually o Military leaders with full administrative control  Aristocratic element: the senate o Diplomatic, financial control o Introduces legislation o Technically and advisory body with huge amount of traditional authority  Democratic elemente: the popular assembly o Decides to make war and epoace o Ratifies laws etc. o Tries all capital crimes  Other magistrates; mainly elite 1 Punic war: Sicily : Eryx 
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