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Classical Studies
Chris Wallace

Rome after Nero  Flavian Dynasty 69-96 o Vespasian 69-79; Ttius79 -81 o Mt Vesavys 71; Colosseum ;80 o Domitian:81-96 o Martial Dominus et deus  The Five Good Emperors 96-180 o Nerva 96-98 o Tajan 96-117 o Dacia 106: Mesopatamia 113 -117  Hadrian 117-138 Antoninus o Pius 133-161 Marcus o Aurelius 161-180; Commodus 177- 192  The severans : 193-235 o The antonine constitution 212  Valerian 2253-260  Dioc Exam:  Multiple choice: 20 questions  Identify : 10 names/ places, choose 5 : good definition: who, what, date, why is this significant  Essay: myth /history aws used as a means of social control in the ancient world, agree or disagree with specific examples The Flavian  Vespasian 69-79: fighting to be emperor , becomes emperor, the empire was bankrupt due to Nero, Vespasian put a tax on public urinalas, as an administrater; he got the money back, and started building biggest projects o Trusted officer of the Julio- claudians o Did not being emperor go to his head  Titius 79-81 : deal with unpleasant work, when he became emperor: he was loved, due to 2 occasions; eruption of mount destroy city of Pompei: organized medicine, 2 : city of rome : iconic opened the flavian amphitheatre (80ce);  Games: Maritial wrote book about epicgrams, games at the colasseum: games held under titius brothers rule  De spectacullis : 12,7 : he enjoys these games, gruesome  20: o Was his fathers hatchet man o Opend the flavian Amphitheatre  Domition 81-96 : became emperor; senate didn’t like him, unpopular,  Wiped out his name after he died, sculpturs, etc o Introverted o Dominus et deus : wanted people to call him that The five good emperors  Nerva 96-98 o Old and harmless o Friend to all  Trajan98 -117 o Optimus Princeps o Dacia, Mesopotamia  Hadrian 117-138 o “greeking” o Withdrawal and consolidation  Antoninus Pius 138 – 161 o Captain Bland  Marcus Aureluus : 161- 180 o Philospher and soldier Trajan’s Campaignas : dies donesn’t come back from campaign  Annexation of Dacia : 106  Annexation of Nabataean Arabia : 107  War with Partians( easternsoil of roman expansion, sep kingdom) and the annexation of mesopotami a and Amenia:113-117 Hadrian 117-138 : he was interested consoli
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